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Launched Aug 26 1996.


Feature Launched 9/99:


The intent of the listing of these cases is to try to discover what might be learned by comparing investigations and methods and not to attack any of the parties involved.

From a research perspective, comparative analysis of multiple reports of an accident with different findings would seem to offer an opportunity examine underlying investigaiton methods used to produce them,.

When seeking information beyond what is in the reports may be diffiicult. For example, information about formal Petitions for Reconsideration is not always readily available. See an example of the chanllenges for yourself.

Listing of informal examples

  1. Aircraft accident during wildfire firefighting support operations (2 investigations)

  2. Comparison of 3 fire investigations.

Formal Petitions for Reconsideration of Probable Cause.
(These documents describe differences among parties involved in the investigation of an accident.

  1. 1991 aircraft accident involving either crew or aircraft problems?? (Open petition for reconsideration) ~ 50 pages

  2. 1979 passenger aircraft High Altitude Yaw--Roll Over -- Vertical Dive incident 115 pages

Other examples of investigation comparisons

  1. Check review of book describing two IOWA accident investigations.

Additional examples will be provided as they become available.

Visitors are invited to provide comments on the IRR Forum..